Thursday, 17 October 2013

Frieze London

The 11th Frieze London art fair and its companion show Frieze Masters opened in Regent's Park today and runs until 20 October (CLICK). More than 150 of the world's top contemporary galleries have invaded the park to flout their wares at the well-heeled. Shown is The Abduction of Ganymede (c.1615-1620) painted by an unknown artist, possibly Tuscan and active in Rome. So much for provenance. As for artistry, if Zeus had grabbed Ganymede round the calves like that, he would probably have broken the lad's back when he took off. If you need to ask how much admission costs, you can't afford it. This is for the elite. You can see some of the sculptures in Regent's Park for free if you go toward the fair. Take your dog for a walk and see which sculpture he cocks his leg against (CLICK).


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