Monday 4 December 2006

Art wins Turner Prize!

Tomma Abts - Teete 2003Coxsoft Art is in shock! Gobsmacked! Thunderstruck! All a twitter! Possibly even confabulated! Cor blimey! The judges of this year's Turner Prize and yours truly are in accord over the winner! Strewth! This could be a life-changing experience! Instead of doing what they usually do - pick the most asinine piece of junk they can find - they chose the most aesthetically pleasing work! I don't believe it! On 2 October I posted this picture by Tomma Abts and wrote "The pleasant abstract I've selected is the only work worth viewing. The rest is the usual tripe you expect from the Turner Prize." Today, at London's Tate Britain, Yoko Ono presented the £25,000 prize to German-born artist Tomma Abts, the first woman ever to win it. Congratulations, luv. Phew! Artistic taste from the Turner judges! I think I need to lie down for a while to get over the shock! Click HERE for the BBC version.


At 5/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

I find a good strong cup of tea usually works.

At 5/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

You have life-changing experiences that often, do you? Weekly, I s'pose, in the footie season: every time your team wins or loses. I would have thought a strong belt of the hard stuff would be more appropriate for a real life-changing experience, but then I don't get them that often.

At 8/12/06, Blogger Woopidoo said...

Yeah, it's funny that their choice is more shocking because of the fact that the paintings arnt shocking.

Damien Hirst should run with this theory. He should shock the art world by doing his own, hand painted, classical nudes with angels hovering above.

At 8/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

I still haven't recovered! The Turner Prize is such a national joke that BBC newsreaders have an obligatory smirk on their faces and raise an eyebrow or two whenever they report the winner. Not this time.

Couldn't agree more. If Damien Hirst has the talent to do a Bouguereau, I'd be shocked to the core. He's made enough money as an enfant terrible. Now that he's facing middle-age, it's time he proved himself as an artist. I can't wait!


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