Sunday 3 December 2006

BBC discovers Rockwell

Norman Rockwell - Breaking Home Ties (1954)Don't you just love it when the BBC condescends to tell us plebs something about art? (I'm not thinking of Soppy Schama tripping over his epithets; he merely proves how the Beeb wastes licence-payers' money.) On Friday, reporting the sale of a recently discovered Rockwell original for $15.4m (£7.9m) - Breaking Home Ties -, BBC News explained "Works by the late Norman Rockwell are hugely popular in the US." Oh! Really? Thanks for telling us that, Aunty. Just because your reporter had to look up this wonderful artist in Wikipedia to find out who he was! This quote is on a par with the Beeb's description of my favourite fantasy artist Rowena Morrill: "known for fantasy-styled, brightly coloured works" (BBC News 14 May 2003)! Clueless. Do us a favour, Aunty, resign from the Brit. Art Establishment and learn something about art.


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