Sunday 19 July 2009

Banksy in Mali

Banksy certainly likes taking busman's holidays. A visit to the West African country of Mali a few months ago produced a sprinkling of graffiti between Bamako and Timbuktu. Photos of these works turned up in the Banksy v Bristol Museum exhibition (CLICK). The title link takes you to a collection of Banksy's African graffiti posted by a FlickrĀ® group.


At 31/7/09, Blogger whycantibeanon said...

Coxford Art, I don't know how to contact you, but I have a question. I took this photograph in Lyon, France near the Soane River. It looks like a Banksy, but I cannot tell. What do you think?:

At 31/7/09, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Alan

Thanks for sharing your photo with me. It looks very much like a Banksy to me. I'm not sure about the lettering, but I think it reads "Le Art". If so, according to my French/English dictionary, the gender is correct. "Le" is masculine and so is "art". Does Banksy speak French? I'll post your photo on my blog and see if anyone else knows. Watch this space.


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