Monday 20 January 2014

Another Constable

When V&A conservators were preparing artworks for the Museum's autumn 2014 exhibition Constable: The Making of a Master, they discovered this previously unrecorded oil sketch by Constable concealed beneath a lining canvas on the reverse of Branch Hill Pond: Hampstead (c.1821-22). The V&A has a huge collection of Constable's works thanks to his last surviving child, Isabel, who donated the remaining contents of her father’s studio to the Museum in 1888. The donation included three easel paintings; 92 oil sketches; 297 drawings and watercolours and three sketchbooks. This sketch goes on display in the Paintings Galleries. I'll post details of the autumn show closer to the date. It will include mezzotints of his paintings made by engraver David Lucas and a selection from Constable's own collection of 5,000 old-master etchings (CLICK).


At 20/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

This is exquisite.

At 20/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

No, it isn't. It's merely an oil sketch for future reference. He made loads of drawings and sketches before he worked them into one of his masterpieces.

At 21/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

It's still exquisite.

At 21/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

No, it isn't. I don't think you've ever seen one of his great paintings in a gallery. Then you'd know what exquisite really is.


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