Tuesday 14 January 2014

Death In Paradise

The new series of Death in Paradise begins this evening on BBC One at 21:00 hours ... er ... 9pm. I must admit I didn't bother with the first series, because Ben Miller as Det. Insp. Richard Poole struck me as being far too uptight and neurotic to be a Scotland Yard detective. Then I got hooked on Series 2 and watched the repeats of the first series. What brought the whole show alive for me was the chalk-and-cheese relationship between Miller and Sara Martins as the delectable and feisty Det. Sgt. Camille Bordey, who lives life to the full. It's no secret that Miller gets the chop in Series 3, to be replaced by Kris Marshall as the new man from the Met. (CLICK). Can this replacement possibly work?


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