Tuesday 14 January 2014

Etruscan Art

The Etruscans certainly had a more relaxed attitude to sex than we do. This two-handled Etruscan Bowl (770-760 BC) features a man masturbating. I'm not sure I'd want to finish my meat and two veg. and find that lurking at the bottom of my bowl, but each to his own. This is one of the exhibits in The Etruscans and the Mediterranean: The City of Cerveteri, which is currently showing at the Louvre Lens in the metropolitan district of Lille in France. The exhibition runs until 10 March (CLICK).


At 3/10/15, Blogger Student of art and history. said...

An interesting piece, however, I feel this information needs better researched or cross-referencing. Red-figure vase painting originated in Athens in the mid sixth century BCE, and for a while after was only emulated by Etruscans, until they later learned the true technique. Pottery was a popular tomb staple for Etruscans - including Greek pottery imports (both Etruscans and Greeks profited from sea trade). Greeks, having mastered red-figure technique as well as their relaxed portrayal of the male nude, produced red-figure vases around the 6th century instead of the 8th century BCE - which would lead me to believe this piece is inaccurately described in this article as a 1. a much earlier piece, and 2. as an Etruscan pottery....... The Etruscans WERE innovative, but I don't believe this piece represents Etruscan pottery of the so-named era.

At 4/10/15, Blogger Unknown said...


Thanks for your interesting comment. I tend to show a graphic that's caught my eye and post a link to the exhibition, leaving it to the reader to explore more. I haven't the time for deep research or cross-referencing. Shame you found my post so late. It was posted nearly two years ago.


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