Sunday 26 January 2014

Fake or Fortune? III

Thank Goodness for Fake or Fortune? It brings a whiff of sanity to the art lark. This Week Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce - not forgetting Dr Bendor Grosvenor - investigate two paintings by John Constable, one of Britain's most widely faked artists! The first is Yarmouth Jetty, the second A Sea Beach, Brighton. The latter used to hang in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts until they gave it the bum's rush, thinking it a fake. What will the team find? Tune in today at 6pm on BBC One (CLICK).


At 26/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

Two Constables how fantastic.

At 29/1/14, Blogger Unknown said...

I'll bet the Boston Museum of Fine Arts is kicking itself for flogging A Sea Beach, Brighton for $40,000 when it's now worth around £500,000!


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