Monday 14 April 2014

Fabergé Easter Egg

What would Easter be without a Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg? This one contains a Vacheron Constantin watch. It was given by Alexander III, Emperor of all the Russians, to his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna for Easter 1887. The Bolsheviks confiscated it from the Empress and subsequently sold it. More recently it turned up at a bric-a-brac market in the Mid-West of America. It was bought for $14,000 for its gold scrap value! The new owner couldn't sell it, because its scrap value wasn't worth that much. In desperation he googled "Egg and Vacheron Constantin" and found he owned a treasure worth millions! It is on public display from today until 17 April at Wartski, 14 Grafton Street, London, W1S 4DE. CLICK to read more.


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