Monday 19 May 2014

NHM Alive

I must admit the BAFTA television awards don't light my fire, because British-made TV shows consist mainly of soaps, quizzes, sport, daft debates, OTT dramas, cookery programmes (no wonder Brits are fat) and general nonsense, plus I dislike most of the cocky presenters. One commercial featuring Ant and Dec is one too many. Amidst all the tripe in the list of winners (CLICK) I did spot one programme that would have persuaded me to switch on my TV if I subscribed to Sky which I don't. (It's bad enough being ripped off for the licence fee without volunteering to pay extra for more boring TV.) Collossus Productions / Sky 3D won the Specialist Factual BAFTA for Sir David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive. The veteran wildlife presenter wrote the script and with the help of ground-breaking 3D and CGI technology takes the viewer on a magical journey through the museum at night as extinct creatures that once ruled the planet and its skies come alive again. CLICK for a clip.


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