Friday 19 December 2014

Sony Hack

It looks as though North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un is having the last laugh on Sony Pictures. Chubby Chops was miffed when he heard that in The Interview his head explodes like a ripe melon. Sony has since been hit with some very costly hacks. The last straw came when hackers The Guardians of Peace (#GOP) threatened cinemagoers that "the world will be full of fear" if the film were screened. Sony caved in and cancelled the release of the film altogether. Critics in Hollywood have bemoaned this as an attack on freedom of expression. The White House has classed it as a national security issue (CLICK). The film is dire American tripe that should never have got past the script stage. I'm reminded of the Yanks' decade-long attempt to extradite Briton Gary McKinnon to punish him for the "biggest military computer hack of all time" (CLICK). They need to recruit hackers like Gary, not persecute them.


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