Monday 23 March 2015

BBC News!

Why do people feel the need to tinker with something that is working okay? This afternoon BBC News switched PC users to a "responsive" new website . The graphic allegedly shows the new BBC website working on a desktop PC, tablet and mobile. It's a lie. It doesn't work properly on my version of Internet Explorer 8 and told me to use a modern browser. So I loaded in a modern browser - Google Chrome - and the appearance was just as pathetic, The only difference was that the BBC website didn't tell me to use a modern browser. So it hasn't just stopped being compatible with IE8. It has excluded Microsoft XP Professional too. My PC is too old to update. I'm damned if I'm going to buy a new computer to please the BEEB. So it's goodbye licence fee, BBC, unless you sort out this mess.


At 24/3/15, Anonymous Kris said...

The early previews suggested that the BBC were yet again going to reduce the readability and usefulness of their news site.

Every such change they have made has been met with constructive protests. Their attitude has always been "take it or leave it".

Most of the online newspapers are following the same stylistic fetish of appearance over substance. The Grauniad has become unreadable too - and the Independent is going the same way.

The IT industry "The Register" also adopted a similar format recently. However their techie commentards published FireFox userContent.css overrides. The browser can now suppress most of the new layout aberrations.

It may be possible to develop a similar set of overrides for the BBC site - if the content is worth it.

At 24/3/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi again, Kris

I take it you're a Firefox fan. I must say I don't like Google Chrome, although I used it when Microsoft was blocking me from putting pictures on Blogger. That problem seems to have been cleared by a microsoft update.

The latest website I've come across that goes silly on IE8 is English Heritage.

I may skip BBC News.


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