Wednesday 25 March 2015

Clarkson Sacked

It's official. Politically correct BBC has sacked its star presenter politically incorrect Jeremy Clarkson for biffing a producer who failed to organise a steak-and-chips dinner for him at the hotel where the Top Gear team were staying while on location. Top Gear has an estimated worldwide audience of 350 million and earns BBC Worldwide about £50m a year from overseas sales. Now that's all kaput (CLICK).


At 25/3/15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the BBC haven't sacked Clarkson. They have merely decided not to renew his current contract which expires at the end of March. Until then he is suspended.

At 26/3/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I did know, but I try to keep my blogs as brief as possible. It amounts to a sacking and that's how the newspapers view it.


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