Monday 23 March 2015

Pratchett Pub Sign

Landlord Antony Yateman has unveiled a new pub sign for Uncle Tom's Cabin, Wincanton, Somerset, in tribute to the late fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett. He commissioned the Mended Drum Terry Pratchett pub sign (2015) from Discworld Emporium illustrator Richard Kingston before the author's death and had hoped that Sir Terry would unveil it. Sadly, Sir Terry died too soon (CLICK).


At 24/3/15, Anonymous Kris said...

There is a description in Terry Pratchett's book "Going Postal" about creating a memorial on the "clacks" semaphore system by generating a message that is self-perpetuating. It constantly travels from end to end on the signalling system.

A similar internet memorial to Terry Pratchett has been set up by members of the IT community. It includes a line in web page headers. FireFox has an add-on that displays if a page is using it. The Grauniad appears to be the only broadsheet news site doing so.

At 24/3/15, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Kris

Thanks for the link. I'll look it up tomorrow.

Most of my graphics for Pratchett come from Les Edwards. He's well worth looking up.


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