Thursday 2 April 2015

Banksy in Gaza 2

I didn't know that Palestinians played April Fool gags in the Gaza Strip, but that's what this amounts to. Back in February Banksy visited the Gaza Strip to paint some murals and film his trip. I posted his ironic video "Make this the year YOU discover a new destination" on my blog in February (CLICK). His Weeping Woman (2015) was painted on a metal door which was all that was left standing of Rabieh Hamduna's former home after the Israeli blitz. (Note: in Britain the "blitz" refers to a prolonged bombing campaign.) Enter Bilal Khaled, who conned Rabieh Hamduna into selling him the door for 700 shekels (peanuts). Having found out that his door is worth a fortune. Hamduna is furious. He wants it back, but Khaled refuses. Both parties claim altruistic reasons for wanting the door. It's for the good of Palestine. Oh yeah. What a pair of hypocrites (CLICK).


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