Thursday 16 July 2015

RA Kickstarter

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is the first British gallery to try Kickstarter to raise funds for a show. It hopes to raise £100,000 to import and install in its courtyard eight of Ai Weiwei's Trees as part of a major exhibition of Weiwei's tosh this autumn. I can't imagine Weiwei trekking through the forests of southern China to collect dead branches for his made-up trees. Nor can I imagine him lugging around huge branches in his studio. This is another project to keep his team of artists employed (CLICK).


At 23/7/15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the RA is not the first UK gallery to use Kickstarter in this way. I've supported at least two Kickstarter campaigns for shows at British galleries.

At 24/7/15, Blogger Unknown said...

That's interesting. Maybe the RA is the first big gallery to try Kickstarter.


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