Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Realise Your Right to Art

Here we go again. The above title (Brit. spelling of realize) is the latest campaign cooked up by a bunch of patronizing, overpaid wallies with time on their hands who want to teach the UK proletariat to appreciate contemporary art! This campaign was spawned last year by the Visual Arts & Galleries Association (VAGA) and will be on the offensive during Museums & Galleries Month (MGM) from 29 April to 4 June 2006. Brace yourself for Focus on Art days (FOA).
Look, guys, so long as the Brit. proletariat and its kids are giggling at Wallace and Gromit and queuing to see the latest Harry Potter movie, they're appreciating the best in British contemporary art. What more do you want? A few more knighthoods for the Old Boys Club (OBC)?


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