Sunday, 5 February 2006

Danish cartoons: Coxsoft's verdict

Here's an inoffensive detail from the best-drawn but most anti-semitic of those infamous cartoons. I chose to show this detail from Rasmus Sand Høyer's cartoon, because it symbolizes the shock these cartoons caused throughout the Muslim world, which now includes most of Western civilization as well!
Anti-semitic? Yes. I'm using the term in its broad sense, which includes Arabs. Most of these 12 infamous cartoons exhibit racial stereotyping of the worst kind, strongly reminiscent of Nazi propaganda against the Jews. As art they are third rate; as cartoons the majority are unamusing.
Jens Julius's cartoon was the only one that made me laugh. It shows a smoking line of suicide bombers queing to enter Paradise and being told "Stop! Stop! We're running out of virgins!". Not only did Julius manage to avoid crude racial stereotyping, but also his draughsmanship suited his subject. And I stand by my previous assertion that to lampoon these brainwashed young fanatics is the best way to dissuade others from joining their ranks.


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