Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Giant Squidess named Archie

Statue of Giant Squid
The Curator of Molluscs at the Natural History Museum, London, England, is skipping about like a lamb with two tails. He's just stuffed a 28ft giant squid into a 30ft tank and he wants you all to come and see it.
Usually these creatures are washed up as decaying bits of rubbish. This one is in excellent shape...for a corpse. View it when you take the Museum's behind-the-scenes Darwin Centre tour.
Yes! I found a statue to illustrate this story. The photo above shows a life-sized replica of the world's largest giant squid - according to the Guiness Book of records - which was landed near Glover's Harbour, Newfoundland, in 1878. It measured 55ft. So does the statue designed by Don Foulds and built with collaborating artists Edward O'Neill, Niel McLellan and Jason Hussey (2001). Click the squid for a bigger pic. (Sorry. I couldn't resist that.)


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