Monday, 20 February 2006

Kali emigrates to USA

Here's a good excuse for showing an example of Hindu art (with a small modification by Coxsoft). Yesterday I discovered that there are temples dedicated to Kali in the USA. There's one in New York!
In Hindu mythology, Kali is the goddess of destruction and death, of smallpox and cholera. She demands male human sacrifice. One can perceive why some feminists have a soft spot for her.
Thuggees murdered untold thousands of Indians to honour Kali, strangling them and then burying their corpses using her sacred pickaxe. During the Hook-swinging Festival, devotees who had vowed themselves to self-torture in honour of Kali were suspended by means of hooks in their muscles and whirled in circles. The British Raj prohibited this festival and tried to capture the Thuggees.
Isn't it appalling what deluded human beings will do in the name of Religion?
Modern devotees of Kali claim that human sacrifice has been replaced by the sacrifice of goats. I guess we can believe that until the NYPD finds Central Park littered with graves dug by the sacred pickaxe.


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