Saturday, 18 March 2006

BBC Art? Forget it.

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss (1907-8) detailThe new BBC Arts Home Page claims to be "Your gateway to visual arts, literature, culture and getting creative"! Who do you think you are kidding, Auntie? The layout is as creative as a brick wall, and the only two works of art on display are Gustav Klimt's The Kiss (1907-8) for CBBC's "Artyfacts" (groan) and a self-portrait of tired old has-been schizophrenic Vincent Van Gogh with Bandaged Ear (1889). The colostomy bag I posted recently is more artistic than this tosh!
Auntie wants us to "Study paintings from the leading artists of Impressionism", a bunch of primarily French artists who were too lazy or incompetent to finish their rough sketches and who conned gullible art pundits into believing that a rough sketch was an "impression".
To show us how hip - and clueless - old Auntie is she offers us Shooting Live Artists: "Bold new media art that fuses technology with live art performance"! Lastly, she invites us to view her "pick of the art on the BBC website and beyond". No thanks. One glance was enough!
The only saving grace on the BBC's pathetic arts home page is its invitation to fill in a questionnaire to tell Auntie what you think. Click the title link to do so. One of the questions it asks is: Do you trust the BBC? Not on art, I don't. Auntie remains the smug and unthinking propagandist of the Arts Establishment.
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