Monday, 10 April 2006

Silver Surfer Week

Silver Surfer Avatar
Hey Yahoo! How about an avatar for silver surfers? The Chelsea Pensioners are already online. Next month, from 22 to 26 May, the UK holds its first Silver Surfer Week to give the over-fifties a taste of the internet. Age Concern and Digital Unite have collaborated on this project, with sponsorship from BT, Intel, Microsoft, AOL and Ofcom.
Unfortunately, the Web has many lousy websites that won't offer a good experience to anybody who visits them. Trojans, spyware, viruses, pesky pop-ups, Flash Player crashes (I've had three lately) and - the most frequently encountered of all - unreadable text, either because the ink and paper colours have poor contrast or because the font is ridiculously small. Then there are those links which require meticulous use of the mouse to home in on one of the half dozen pixels that will take you where you want to go.
There are a fair number of awards for various aspects of website design - Coxsoft Art has won a few of them -, but nobody is giving an award to silver surfer friendly websites. It's another aspect of age discrimination. So, I've decided to get the ball rolling by awarding the Coxsoft Art Silver Surfer Friendly Award to any website that meets my criteria for clarity, safety and user-friendliness, whatever its target age group.
I've designed a graphic in three sizes to represent this award - the avatar top left is one of them - and over the next few days I'll add a webpage to Coxsoft Art that gives more details. Interested? Let me know.
Click the title link for more info. on Silver Surfer Week.


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