Saturday, 27 May 2006

BBC People's Choice Finalists

Nicky Clarke giving haircut to statue
The three finalists for the BBC's People's Choice Garden Design Award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2006 are: Jurassic Coast Garden, Chris Beardshaw's Wormcast Garden and The Garden of Dreams, where the above statue snoozes. The rain we've had this week made her hair grow wild, so a trim was needed. Coxsoft Art wanted to vote for the Jurassic Coast Garden, which boasts a spiral-shell design that evokes the Golden Section, but the BBC webpage showing the finalists and allowing voting uses Macromedia Flash Player 8 r24, which crashes IE6! So, no graphics, no vote and no title link, in case it crashes your browser as well. The BBC's idiotic use of Flash Player is one of the reasons it failed to receive the Coxsoft Art Silver Surfer Friendly Award.


At 30/5/06, Blogger weggis said...

was there a photo of her legs being waxed?
Shame about the vote.

At 31/5/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Maybe the BBC put Flash Player 8 on the voting page to crash IE6 and swing the votes in Beardshaw's favour.


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