Monday, 24 July 2006

Picasso up for grabs

Pablo Picasso - Lady at Eden Concert (1903)
Rómulo-Antonio Tenés has excited the more-money-than-sense crowd by bringing Picasso's Lady at Eden Concert (1903) out of mothballs and putting it up for sale, allegedly to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Picasso's birth. My guess is that the fortunes being paid for anything the old fraud sneezed on has tempted Tenés beyond endurance. Will this mediocre work by a third-rate artist set a new record? You betcha.


At 8/11/07, Anonymous Rómulo-Antonio Tenés said...

Distinguido señores:

"Dama en Edén Concert" 1903. Es uno de los primeros óleos pintado por Picasso, y analizada su composición de pigmentos por el SIK (Institut pour la Recherche des Arts) de la Universidad de Lausanne no ha encontrado comprador a la cantidad requerida por el propietario Rómulo-Antonio Tenés, autor del libro Picasso 19891-1897 Fraude [en este momento reescribe el fraude hasta 1901]
Rómulo-Antonio Tenés

At 8/11/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

For my English readers, here's the Babel Fish translation from Spanish:

Distinguished gentlemen: "Lady in Edén Concert" 1903. He is one of first oils painted by Picasso, and analyzed his pigment composition by the SIK (Institut pour Recherche DES Arts) of the University of Lausanne she has not found buying to the amount required by proprietor Rómulo-Antonio Tenés, author of the Picasso book 1891-1897 Fraud [ at this moment rewrites the fraud until 1901 ] Sincerely Rómulo-Antonio Tenés

So much for Babel Fish, but it's all very polite. So thank you Rómulo-Antonio Tenés. Maybe an English person who speaks Spanish will send me a better translation than Babel Fish's.


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