Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Pavement Artist Extraordinary

Julian Beever - Batman and Robin to the rescue (29/8/2006)Here's an irony. In London yesterday, the day of the fire near the Royal Academy of Arts, England's most celebrated pavement artist, Julian Beever, was chalking his latest masterpiece: Batman and Robin rescuing him from a burning building! Julian has taken the art of perspective into a brilliant realm: anamorphism. Using only a flat pavement for his canvas, he chalks three-dimensional works that fool the eye when viewed from the correct angle. He enters some of his pictures - as here - to complete the illusion. Pity he can't paint such images on a roll-up rubber mat so they could be shown in art galleries round the world. His website is well worth visiting; click the title link. The Daily Mail has a larger version of the above picture.


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