Sunday, 22 October 2006

Art Dealer Interrogated!

Blue Noses - Photo: The Girl Has A Date (2006)Two days ago, Brit. art dealer Matthew Bown, who owns the Matthew Bown Gallery in London, was collared by Russian fuzz and interrogated for 9 hours over his dastardly plan to export politically incorrect artworks by the Russian art collective Blue Noses. The example depicts a suicide bomber in risqué costume, one of those exports which Matthew intends to show at his gallery from 9th November 2006. The Russian fuzz eventually released him, after confiscating the artworks; but, as you can see, they're winging their way round the Internet at this moment. The show should go down well in the UK, due to the current controversy over masked women throwing wobblers when told to drop their veils. BBC News reports that Muslim riots are expected. So what else is new?


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