Monday, 20 November 2006

Mystery Cupid

Have you seen this Cupid?A dearth of worthwhile art news at the weekend prompted me to get round to renovating an old, poorly digitized, black and white photo of this Cupid, which I downloaded yonks ago. I've colourized it, shifted Cupid down within the frame, decreased the gamma setting to compensate for slight overexposure, smoothed an extremely spotty background, black-edged the shadowy side to make it clearer and tidied up some nasty blotches on the statue. But I still can't find the sculptor! The only information I have about this statue is from the save title: "koslowski-mi-museerussemoscou". I assume this means the artist is M.I. Koslowski and that the work is in a Russian Museum in Moscow. If you recognize this Cupid, please let me know, either with a blog comment or by going to Coxsoft Art and sending me an email.


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