Friday 29 December 2006

Police Grab Iffy Goya

The Saints Adoring the Holy SacramentSpanish fuzz have collared an alleged Goya - The Saints Adoring the Holy Sacrament - that was up for auction at Lamas BolaƱo in Madrid, with a starting price of 1.2 million of those euro thingies, and carted it off to the Museo del Prado for examination. The work has already passed various authentication tests, but you can see why the fuzz are suspicious. If I were Goya, I'd turn in my grave at the thought of having this monstrosity attributed to me. For a start, St Francis is out of proportion with a massive head. Then there are the cherubs being squashed by the Sacrament. The saint in muddy gold appears to have broken his neck. And what about those garish red and blue robes which were so popular during the Renaissance? This doesn't even look like the right century to me. I'm not suggesting it's a modern fake, but pre-Goya tripe from a hack workshop. It will be interesting to learn what the Museo del Prado experts think.


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