Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Tate Britain: State Britain

Replica of a Brian Haw posterI'd read some dire gobbledygook about Mark Wallinger's forthcoming "installation" at Tate Britain from which I inferred it was going to be tripe. (Coxsoft Art Rule No. 1 The worse the gobbledygook, the more pathetic the art.) I finally saw it on BBC London News on Monday. It's worse than tripe! Wallinger and a team of "artists" with nothing better to do have recreated all that rubbish that Brian Haw - lone anti-war protestor who has been parked outside the Houses of Parliament for six years - had spread along the railings. Most of this litter was confiscated by the fuzz in a dawn raid. Now it's in Tate Britain! As art! Until 27 August 2007. If you want to support Brian, great. Take him a sandwich and a mug of coffee, have a chat with him and sign his visitor's book. But don't let anyone tell you that Wallinger's replica of Brian's display is art. And the Tate commissioned him to make this mess! For Goodness' sake! This is how taxpayers' money is wasted. Complain to your MP.


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