Wednesday, 14 February 2007

UK Nest Box Day

BBC artist/s - Give a Bird a Home (2007) plus photo of Baby Blue TitDid you receive a dozen red roses today at a cost of anything between £3.50 and £70? Hard luck. Neither did I. Not even a card! So forget Valentine's Day and think about homeless birds. Today is also National Nest Box Day, which is the start of National Nest Box Week 2007. BBC Local Radio stations across the UK are hosting nest box making events this weekend, with free bird box kits. Click the title link to visit the British Trust for Ornithology website, where you can learn how to make a nest box and take the Nest Box Challenge. Have you noticed the "kiddie" drawing to the left of the baby bluetit? If I know anything about commercial art, ten professional artists worked on that picture until the twit in charge was satisfied it looked suitably kiddiefied!


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