Sunday, 19 August 2007

London Free For Kids

Free Stuff For Kids, Cover (2001)Today a visiting friend told me that one of his work colleagues had baulked at paying £31 to take his daughter into Madame Tussauds (a special offer: last hour only!). The colleague is German, so he's unfamiliar with the old metropolis. In a spirit of rapprochement - it is at least 62 years since my dad last shot a Jerry - I searched the Internet for free and cheap things for kids to do in London. Having made him a list of websites, I thought: Why not share it?
London Free List, Kids (CLICK)
Visit London, Kids Go Free (CLICK)
Kids Week, Theatre, on now (CLICK)
Saatchi Gallery, Children's Activities (CLICK)
London Tourist, Kids (CLICK)
London Town, Fun For Kids (CLICK)
London Treasures, Children (CLICK)
Kids Love London (CLICK)
Art Gallery For Kids (CLICK)
Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (CLICK)

There is also a book called Free Stuff For Kids (title link). Find it in your local library.


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