Friday, 28 September 2007

Painting Songbirds

Sherry C. Nelson - Painting Songbirds Cover (2007)I don't usually write book reviews, but I spotted this art book on a library's New Books shelf and couldn't resist sharing it with you: Painting Songbirds with Sherry C. Nelson: 15 Beautiful Birds in Oil, published by North Light Books, 2007. The birds are American. The quality of artwork is top flight, and the artist's drawings and colour palettes illuminate her work. The list price of the paperback is $24.99 (£14.99). You can buy an autographed copy direct from the artist at list price plus $4.10 P&P (title link) or visit Amazon for deals: $16.49 or £9.74. Better still, borrow it from your local library: class 751.4543288.


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