Friday, 19 October 2007

British Film Institute

Deborah KerrThe British Film Institute's 51st London Film Festival is in full swing and Time Out London has the details (title link). The BFI received good news this week: Government has pledged £25m toward maintaining and restoring the BFI's huge archive of historic films (CLICK). On Tuesday came the sad news of the death of Deborah Kerr, one of my favourite old actresses, who was always a joy to watch for her subtle changes of expression that cleverly conveyed the mood of the characters she played (CLICK). Looking to the future, Trekkies have a new Star Trek movie with a rejuvinated cast to look forward to. It's still at the casting stage, but should be released late next year (CLICK). Did you know that the inspiration for Star Trek was that classic sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet (1956)?


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