Monday, 19 November 2007

EU Concentration Camps

Photo of Vasky (2007)This emaciated girl sitting on a potty is Vasky. She is 18 years old. Her condition is the result of a lifetime of starvation and neglect in the Mogilino Social Care Home in Bulgaria, a member of the European Union. While filming Bulgaria's Abandoned Children for BBC 4 (title link), producer/director Kate Blewett noticed that Vasky's leg was broken. The Bulgarian nurse who was putting salve on Vasky's feet hadn't noticed, despite the girl's obvious distress! Most of the female "carers" in the home are grossly fat, which gives us a suspicion as to where the children's food is going. Vasky is just one of the children who are suffering, starving and slowly dying in Bulgaria's concentration camps for unwanted kids. To find out more CLICK. To sign a No 10 e-petition CLICK. What has any of this to do with art? Bulgaria's Abandoned Children is the finest documentary I've seen since Phil Grabsky's multi award-winning The Boy Who Plays On The Buddhas Of Bamiyan (CLICK).


At 7/2/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so sad! How dare anyone do that to anyone, a child or not. How can't you notice that someone's leg is broken? All those "carers" are retarded idiots!

At 8/2/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Utterly appalling. There is some good news. The Director of the home was sacked and some of the worst-case children were hospitalized for a while. The first of the CLICK links takes you to a website set up to try to help these children. You'll find the latest news there. If you get the chance to see Kate Blewett's documentary, grab it.


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