Sunday, 13 January 2008


Arthur Lewin-Funcke - Two Boys Arguing (1894 or 1895)Here's a great statue by an artist named Lewisfuncke depicting two boys fighting over a bunch of grapes (1894 or 1895). I chanced upon an old black-and-white photo of this statue some years ago and cleaned up the image as best I could (title link). Today Kris sent me a new photo of the statue, also chanced upon while browsing the Internet. We still know nothing about the artist, although it's a fair bet he was German. If you have any information, please let us know.


At 20/7/14, Anonymous Matthias Fischer said...

look at

At 20/7/14, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, Matthias

Thank you very much. Two of us have been searching for that artist for years. It helps to have the correct name!


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