Thursday, 19 June 2008

AFI Top 100 US Movies

Poster for Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954)Film buffs building a collection of all-time greats should check out the latest American Film Institute (AFI) list of Top 100 American movies (title link). It divided US feature films into 10 categories, then selected the best from each category to arrive at a Top 10. Not surprisingly, Walt Disney dominates the Animation category. Last year, a poll of 6,000 people in the UK named Walt Disney as one of the Top 5 "Art Heroes" of all time (CLICK). Looking at the other categories, British master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock comes out as top director with four movies in the Mystery category. Hitch even outguns the great John Ford, who has only two movies in the Western category. I didn't spot any other director with more than two movies in the top 100. Correct me if I'm wrong. Art critics who witter on about Picasso or Hirst being the greatest artist of the 20th Century show how narrow their view of art is. Top artists of the 20th Century in my book are Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford. As for actors, it looks to me as though James Stewart starred in more great movies than any other actor. This is my reason for illustrating this blog with a poster for Rear Window (1954), a Hitchcock/Stewart movie.


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