Monday, 28 July 2008

The Blue Pig

Gordon McKirdy, Steve Hunt and The Blue Pig (2008)What Coxsoft Art wants to know is: Did the Blue Pig make it? Gordon McKirdy and Steve Hunt left Glasgow on 6 July riding their tandem bicycle with the Blue Pig in tow, hoping to raise £60,000 for Cancer Research UK. They were due to arrive in Richmond Park, London, at noon on Sunday; but no update came from BBC News on its day of rest! The carbon fibre pig seems to have lost weight during its epic journey. It reportedly weighed 40 kilos in Glasgow, but nearing London had shrunk to 35 kilos. That's the trouble with those Euro thingies: nobody this side of the English Channel knows what they mean. Maybe the Scots use different conversion tables to us: 10ths of a caber?


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