Sunday, 20 July 2008

Official Olympic Cheer

Manga-style Chinese Cheerleaders Instructions (2008)Right, girls; it's time to limber up for the Beijing Olympics. This graphic is the official manga-comic-style instruction set for the Olympic Cheer, devised jointly by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Party Office of Spiritual Civilization Development and Guidance (otherwise known as C.R.A.P.). To cries of "Olympics", "Let's go!" and "China", the cheerleaders 1) clap their hands twice, 2) give a thumbs-up sign, 3) clap twice again and 4) make a double-fisted Black Panther salute. Got that? Now I really feel at one with the Chinese people, because it took two government departments to come up with something this banal, just as it does in Britain. Yes, Chinese folks, Brits know all about having too many overpaid chiefs telling us what to do.


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