Saturday, 27 September 2008

Brit Art News In Briefs

Union Jack BriefsYesterday I allowed myself to be distracted from the stern task of blogging. To catch up, here is Brit. Art News in Briefs. (What do they stuff down the front of those things, so the contents aren't obvious?) Banksy refused to authenticate his street art for an auction (CLICK). Tracey Emin threatened to confiscate her bronze sparrow, if it is stolen one more time (CLICK)! Moneybags Hirst bought Paris Hilton (CLICK). And Kelly Holmes, Seb Coe and Jonathan Edwards jogged through Tate Britain to launch the Cultural Olympiad, whatever that is (CLICK). Note: if you must have a pair of patriotic briefs or girlie thongs, click the title link. Patriotic thongs! Whatever next?


At 27/9/08, Blogger Robert said...

Does it belong to her? I thought we the BBC licence payers own it! For the bronze or to copy, is it worth the hasle? Unless of course they took the pole as well and I can't believe that that is bronze as well?

At 28/9/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

The BBC paid for it - £60,000 if I recall correctly -, but nobody seems to know who or what it belongs to! In such a daft situation, I suppose she has the right to take it back to protect it. The copyright must be hers; so she could be protecting her copyright. I wonder who pays for its insurance, if anyone. What a mess!


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