Saturday, 22 November 2008

Rockwell Museum Medal

J. C. Leyendecker - Weapons for Liberty - U.S.A. Bonds (1918)Congratulations to the Norman Rockwell Museum, which recently received the National Humanities Medal - America’s highest award for work by individuals and institutions in the field of the humanities - from President George W. Bush at the White House. I suppose he had to get something right before he left office! And no, this illustration isn't by Rockwell. It's J. C. Leyendecker's Weapons for Liberty - U.S.A. Bonds (1918), one of the posters in NRM's current exhibition Over the Top: American Posters from World War I, which continues until 25 January 2009. It's Over The Top in every sense of the phrase! Might be an idea for Uncle Gordon Brown, though: UK Credit Crunch Bonds.


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