Friday, 23 January 2009

Breakfast With Picasso!

Detail from Pablo Picasso - Seated Woman (1920)It's sad to see London's National Gallery going downmarket with its forthcoming exhibition by that lousy artist beloved by the Anti-art Establishment and rich punters, the one who kept reinventing himself like pop-matriarch Madonna: Picasso: Challenging the Past in the Sainsbury Wing from 25 February to 7 June. They expect you to pay to view Pablo's tripe! As an incentive to elitist fat cats, the gallery is offering Breakfast Views on Tuesdays 3 March, 7 April and 12 May, 8.30 - 10am. For the first time you can beat "the crowds" by entering the show before normal opening hours, then have a coffee and pastry which are included in the ticket price of £25 (CLICK)! Crowds? What crowds?


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