Monday, 12 January 2009

Wall-E: Golden Globe

Disney/Pixar - WALL-E (2008)Amid all the glamour, plunging necklines, weeping actresses, clips from Slumdog Millionaire and general razzmatazz of yesterday's 2009 Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles, the really important art news barely got a look-in. So, in case you missed it, the award for best animated feature film went to Disney/Pixar's WALL-E (2008), the little robot-cleaner sorting out a devastated planet. Pity he couldn't make it up the red carpet holding Freida Pinto's hand. Oh wow, what a beauty! Click the title link for the full list of winners and no razzmatazz.


At 13/1/09, Blogger Ian Brown said...

I was happy for Mickey Rourke. His performances always stand out even in mediocre films. I know everyone loves an underdog, but it was a weird moment when the whole room of filmmakers and actors gave him a standing ovation.

At 13/1/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Ian

What sticks in my mind was how benign and charming Angelina Jolie managed to look when Kate Winslett forgot her name. What an actress!

At 13/1/09, Blogger Ian Brown said...

Haha yeah I'm sure she was annoyed. She's as overrated as Kate Winslet. They're both mediocre.

At 14/1/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

If you want to see a brilliant young English actress, you must see Claire Foy as Little Dorrit in the BBC series of Dickens' novel. Entrancing underplayed performance, showing emotions with a glance of her eyes. Wow! And it could have been played sickly sweet by a ham. If it hits US TV, don't miss it. It's got to be up for major awards.


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