Saturday, 14 March 2009

Call of Duty 4

Screenshot from Call of Duty 4 Modern WarfareFor those of you who missed it, last Wednesday at the 2009 British Academy of Film and Television Arts video games ceremony Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare won 3 BAFTAs - Gameplay, Story, Character - and also took the People's Choice Award. Look at the powerful screenshot above and wonder what the Brit. Anti-art Establishment would make of it. This is modern art. But where is it's place in Tate Modern? Are Sir Nick Serota and his clueless and overpaid chums even aware it exists? How would those pathetic has-beens Picasso and Mark Rothko compete in the modern world of animated graphics? And what of all those social workers and do-gooders who think that art is the therapy to wean kids off guns and knives? Have they the faintest idea how today's brats are being trained to blast away the enemy gangs?


At 15/3/09, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...

twenty years from now academians and culture experts will probably write essays about the people who made the computergames of today, the story writers, graphic artists, animators, concept developpers, etc, etc - just like it happened with the comic book artists, SF writers, pulp writers of yesteryear.

fine with me - who can beat the art of the ancient worlds anyway?


At 16/3/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Yes, don't you love it when the "experts" - academics and pundits - are forced to eat their own words?

The work of pulp fiction writer Raymond Chandler is now being taught in English Literature, and Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West, panned by the critics, is now being shown to students in movie director's school as a fine example of directorial style and editing.

The problem is most "arts" academics have no schemata for what is good or bad, so they can't recognize it when they see it. They just churn out the blinkered nonsense their professors taught them decades ago.

I'm still waiting for them to wake up to the fact that Picasso painted tripe.

At 16/3/09, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...

come on, Coxsoft - at least Picasso painted, and he could draw like Raphael

Marcel Duchamp, that's the man you really want to bash!

At 16/3/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I would dispute that Picasso drew as well as Raphael, although his sketches do show a modicum of artistic talent.

But Duchamp, voted the "most significant artist of the 20th Century"; surely you can't be serious!


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