Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Dream

England's latest BIG public art project was topped off in Merseyside today (CLICK for video). Spanish artist Jaume Plensa based his design on the head of a nine-year-old girl. Interesting that distorting the girl's head gives the sculpture a dreamlike quality. Pre-cast in sections using a white marble and concrete mix, The Dream stands 65.6ft high on the top of a slag heap from the Sutton Manor colliery, long since closed. Former coal miners at the colliery came up with the idea, for which councillors in St Helens arranged funding through art grants. It cost nearly £2m. Worth it? And is the slag heap secure? Time will tell.


At 27/4/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to the locals I met on Saturday, yes.Time will tell.A snip at £2M.Probably the cost of fixing a motorway bridge these days.Shame about the local pie shop closing or transferring.No more open cheese pies


At 27/4/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thanks for your comment.

This answers The Art Fund's question: "Can the public be trusted to choose public art?" (!)

Watch out for the Channel 4 series Big Art starting on Sunday 10 May at 7pm.


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