Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lost Pet Portraits

Anton Cataldo - Reward Notice for Lost Portraits of Pet Dogs (2009)Here's a cautionary tale for artists which could be a script for Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Pet portraitist Anton Cataldo borrowed two of his paintings for a job interview, put them on the roof of his car while loading it, then drove off with the paintings still on the roof. They fell off during the journey. As one of the dogs he painted is now dead, that portrait has sentimental value. So he printed some posters offering a £100 reward. Half a dozen of these he stapled to trees in a local park. The only reply he received was from a Brighton and Hove City Council official informing him he had been fined £75 for damaging trees! The fine has since been waived. Click the title link to view Anton's pet portraits, which are excellent. For a classic stunt sequence from the comedy show, Frank Spencer rollerskating, CLICK.


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