Monday, 18 May 2009

Jade Ewen Videos

Jade Ewen: cover photo for It's My Time (2009)The Eurovision Song Contest is like swine flu: tacky, unpleasant and best avoided. However, while in my post-dinner stupor I did watch Eurovision 2009: Jade's Story, which followed the news on BBC One. I must add that Lord Webber was absolutely right to ditch the first video for Jade's single. The director filmed her as though she were the ghost of Dickens' Miss Havisham lost in a country house. Ghastly. The hurriedly reshot video, although old-fashioned, is an improvement. Regardless of Jade's placing in the tawdry Euro show (fifth) a star was born. It's My Time is released today. Click the title link for Jade's website.


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