Friday, 19 June 2009

UK Sculptors Ahoy!

Nigel Hall RA - The Hour of Dusk (2000)UK sculptors are invited to submit proposals for the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize 2010, a £45,000 commissioning prize for a work that celebrates the cultural heart of Spitalfields. Slab of beef, maybe? Curry? The bad news is that talented representational sculptors need not apply. Spitalfields wants "contemporary" stuff. Oh Gawd! One of the judges is Nigel Hall RA, who churns out elegant but meaningless geometric shapes, example shown The Hour of Dusk (2000). Why are so many fat cats prepared to put up money for contemporary tripe they wrongly think is avant-garde? This stuff was passé decades ago. The Royal Academy of Arts seems to be full of geriatrics stuck in a time warp. Oh, go on, click the title link for an entry form. £45,000 is up for grabs. Submit something abstract, old-fashioned, geometric, meaningless and boring and you might win.


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