Monday 20 July 2009

Art Loss Register™

The Art Loss Registerâ„¢ (ALR) has acquired the database of stolen art and antiques built up by Trace, the other major player in the recovery of purloined treasures. For those in the art trade, searching this database prior to a sale demonstrates "due diligence", a legal term which has an important meaning in a court of law. Private owners may register their art possessions before or after theft, before if you're a pessimist or after if you're an optimist. The title link takes you to the ALR home page, which sports this sexist graphic of the dominant male art collector straining to look comfortable on his modern-art sofa while his attentive little woman waits to bring him a cup of coffee or a bag of crisps. Corporations, consult Coxsoft Art to find out what your graphics are really conveying!


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