Monday, 6 July 2009

Life Classes on 4

Gustave Moreau - A Study for HerculesBack in April, I posted news of Channel 4's forthcoming Life Class: Today’s Nude, a five-part TV series featuring full-frontal male and female models in the buff (CLICK). I promised to let readers know the exact time, so they knew when to be outraged. Missed it! The first life class was on this afternoon at 12.30pm. Make a note for tomorrow and subsequent days this week. Humphrey Ocean will give tomorrow's lesson (title link). Settle the cherubs in front of the TV with their sketchbooks and crayons and relax. It's supposed to be very tastefully done.


At 7/7/09, Blogger Katherine Tyrrell said...

You can read about what you missed here. This is yesterday's post on my blog Review: 'Life Class - Today's Nude' on Channel 4 - which includes images of my life drawing

Isn't it amazing? There were loads of comments from various newspapers before the event and yet I've only found one which followed up on it when we got to the 'real deal'!

At 8/7/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Katherine

Nice blog you run. I visited it before posting your comment.

There is a Channel 4 video of the show, if you follow my title link to 4's web page. I gave the video a few minutes, but a model standing in a very small web video screen doesn't have much to show, no matter he was a professional Adonis. And the trite voiceover annoyed me.

Interesting that they started the series with a black model. I'm old enough to remember when white breasts and genitalia were taboo on TV, but black breasts and genitalia were okay. I've never forgotten when Micheala Denis in "On Safari" showed the courtship ritual of some African tribe. The man fondles the girl's naked nipples. If she lets him, they're married! I was a child when I saw that on TV.

Like you, I wondered why the show's screening was unremarked by the media, when they'd all been screaming hysterically about it when the show was announced. I guess the reality was much less salacious than their steamy imaginings.

Daytime TV does seem a rather strange choice of timing when the kids are breaking up for their holidays, but why shield young eyes from human nudity, especially when there are boobs and bums displayed all over the magazine racks in every supermarket?


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