Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London Design

Mayor Bouncy Boris and actor Kevin Spacey visited the V&A Museum in London yesterday to plead for business investment in the arts (CLICK). Don't be suckers, city slickers! The only arts that need your cash are 1) unpopular art and 2) bad art. Neither is worth wasting money on. Look at the rubbish supported by Arts Council England (ACE) to see what I mean. I hope Bouncy noticed The London Design Festival, which is on at the V&A this week, until 27 September. This annual event showcases Ghetto London as the "creative capital of the world" (title link). Shame we can't create decent transport, clear the slums and rid the streets of gun and knife crime.


At 23/9/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boris also advocated admission charges to make the young value the exhibits more.

At 23/9/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Yes, well, mm. Great museums are awesome. They will be no more or less awesome if the punters are forced to pay. And many punters will be put off by admission charges. Entry should be free.


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